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About Us

The National Peace Committee (NPC) is a non-governmental initiative conceptualized in 2014 in response to emerging threats occasioned by the 2015 general elections. It is an initiative made up of eminent elder statesmen who undertake efforts to support free, fair and credible elections as well as intervene in critical issues of national concern through high-level mediated and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. At inception, the NPC had an urgent, broad based mandate to make modest contributions towards a smooth and peaceful conduct of the 2015 elections, devoid of any breakdown of law and order before, during and after the electioneering process. Consequently, the core mandate is: To observe and monitor compliance with Abuja Accord signed by the political parties during elections; to provide advice to the Government and INEC on resolution of political disputes and conflicts arising from issues of compliance with the Abuja Accord; to make itself available for national mediation and conciliation in the case of post-electoral disputes or crises; to ensure peaceful outcome of General Elections that is acceptable to a generality of Nigerians and the international community.

Vision Statement

The National Peace Committee envisages a Nigeria that is built on Peace, Justice and Equality, where every citizen has the right to democratic participation and can live freely in any part of the country, contributing to its growth, development and stability of peaceful elections in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

Conducting free, fair and credible elections is the bedrock for Peace and Development in every nation. The National Peace Committee seeks to identify and articulate all the challenges that derail credible elections and peaceful transfer of power in Nigeria. It aspires to design strategies and set up proactive mechanisms for engaging stakeholders irrespective of region, religion and political affiliation for the attainment of peaceful elections in Nigeria.

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